Hannya Mask Tattoo

The Hannya Mask tattoo is one of the most beautiful and popular of the Japanese tattoos. As explanined in the Hanny Mask Meaning page, the Hannya Mask depicts the jealous, furious and angered mindstate of a woman betrayed by love. The term Hannya also means wisdom in Japanese, translated from the Sanskrit word Prajna. Many individuals get, or consider getting the Hannya Mask tattoo because of its complex symbolism and intricate design features.

The Hannya Mask tattoo can signify many things, including, sorrow,  hardship, passion, wisdom, courage and even love. The Hannya Mask bears a heavy message and can be illustrated in many manners. If you are considering getting a Hannya Mask tattoo be thoughtful of which trait(s) and message(s) appeal to you. Once you find a trait, message or theme, think about other objects which would compliment the direction you want to take with your Hannya Mask tattoo and combine the ideas to create a piece of art that is unique to you and your personality. Many individuals combine the Hannya Mask with Koi fish, Geisha, tigers, dragons, Cherry Blossoms, waves, scriptures, etc.

Before getting a Hannya Mask tattoo develop a deeper understanding of the meaning and the story behind the mask. This will allow you to find out which aspect appeals to your personality and also bring you closer with your tattoo in the end. There are many details of the mask that can deepen the meaning of your tattoo. There are also thousands of beautiful designs to browse through. An amazing book to check out for some ideas is artist Horimouja's Hannya Mask Tattoo Designs. Take your time, understand the Hayanna Mask, it's meaning, it's message, and then add this exceptional piece of history to your canvas.